Information on visa-free entry

In order to receive an invitation for a visa-free entry you have to do the following:

  1. Send a copy of passport data to our e-mail (passport data of each person willing to come).
  2. Point the date of arrival, number of days of stay, planned place of residence in Grodno and your contact number.
  3. Information mentioned above will be send to customs and border protection officers.
  4. After the approval of your entrance (within 2 days) we will send you an invitation, agreement to sign and a program of a stay.
  5. When you arrive to Grodno you have to visit our office (sign an agreement and pay for our services) or you can transfer money to our account (you pay for the expenses of money transfer).

For an additional charge we can arrange:

  • Grodno sightseeing guided tour
  • Excursion to Augustow Canal
  • Hotel accommodation (depends on a hotel)
  • Other services

You have to write up medical insurance policy before visiting our country.

You have to have money in an amount of 22 EUR per one person a day when visiting our country.



In case of failure of any requirements of you, our travel company declines all responsibility if you don't cross the border and don't enter the Republic of Belarus.

If you don't pay for our services within an agreed time period, we will have to inform border control bodies and later you may have problems crossing the border.


If you have any questions, contact us  e-mail:    or

Hope to see you soon in Grodno!